RYE- A January 16 Workshop for whiskey-aficionados DETAILS

This winter class will allow whiskey-enthusiasts to participate first hand in the making of a small batch of whiskey over the course of 7 hours in a small craft distillery in the heart of SE Portland.  We plan on addressing the basics of making whiskey from scratch- using an organic rye flour from Bob’s Red Mill to make a mash.    Once the mash is started, we will distill a rye mash prepared in advance and explore the mysteries of separating heads from the heart and tail. 

At Stone Barn we ferment and distill “on-the-grain”, meaning the fermented mash goes into the pot still in its entirety.  In this way, participants will be able to experience the entire 10 day process in a single workshop day.

Throughout the day, Stone Barn distiller Andy Garrison will demonstrate the practical aspects of making whiskey- inviting participants to have a stir, smell, and taste in all aspects of the process.  Andy will discuss the intricacies of proofing spirits, making the cuts, and barrel aging. You will find a rich sensory experience in a day at the distillery.  Rye from various stages of barrel development will be sampled from Stone Barn’s stock, from unaged to mature, with stops along the way  (6 mos, 1 yr, 2 yr etc.).

There are many quiet moments while the still gets up to temperature or the mash cools.  During these times, the class will take advantage of Ramsay’s Dram, Academy of Whisky.   Few appreciate whiskey more than Stuart Ramsay- He will share his extensive knowledge and sensory investigation of the history, culture, production methods of whiskies, particularly American whiskies (rye and bourbon) and what he has termed ‘Cascadian Craft Whiskies’ . 

The Rye Workshop will be held Saturday, January 16, 2016 from 9:30-4:30.

The class includes a catered lunch, enjoyed family-style around a large working table.  There will be educational tastings throughout the day of spirits in the works and finished whiskies to demonstrate a process or illustrate a point. 

Cost of the class is $250 per person, and class size will be limited to 10 people.

Stone Barn Whisky Club members will get a discount of $25 for the class.     

If interested, please call us at (503) 341-2227 or send us an email.
Photographer Brad Yazzolino, our neighbor on Pershing, catches us one night recently preparing to pick up grape pomace from Carabella Vineyard. We've been busy with mashing Granny Smith apples from Yakima, organizing chop parties for Bartlett and Star Crimson pears from Hood River, and making up batches of rye whiskey.
Scott, an OSU graduate with a degree in Environmental Chemistry, is now working part-time for Stone Barn. He brings knowledge and passion for distilling, a feel for spirits, and whiskey making experience. He is a terrific addition to our staff!

Introducing Josh Grgas...

We are delighted to have hired Josh Grgas to work with us at Stone Barn Brandyworks! Josh was referred to us via a neighbor of the original Stone Barn, SBB's namesake, in West Falmouth. Josh started as a volunteer, a beer brewer by avocation and eager to learn the ins and outs of distilling. He soon became a true apprentice, learning quickly, bringing a great understanding of the chemical and operational processes involved in work with alcohol products.
Josh's other job is managing the taps at Beermongers, on 12th and SE Division. Josh's beer knowledge and prowess was praised and acclaimed by the New School Beer Blog.

Goats feast on Stone Barn fruit cuttings

About mid September, we were working away, cutting up the first bartletts of the season, when we heard something unaccustomed in our now familiar soundscape of echoing train horns, motorcycle revs from the warehouse bay north of us, and the dripping of the rain barrel above us.

It was a gang of goats rented for blackberry control on the rented lot across Pershing Street. We loved having the goats there, and were sad when their clearing work was done, and their owner loaded them up to for some home turf time until their next job.

However, we did arrange for the goats to eat our fruit cuttings, and, perhaps at some point, they will also get tipsy from some spent, fermented fruit mash.

Stone Barn Martinez

  • One jigger Apple Brandy
  • One teaspoon Luxardo Maraschino
  • 3/4 shot Dubonet
  • 1/4 shot simple syrup
Stir with ice. Serve straight up with a wide slice of orange rind.

Drink courtesy of Bradley Dawson, Bradley.sfs@gmail.com
Created for YELP! February 2011.

Quince Daisy

  • One ounce Quince Liqueur
  • One ounce Vodka from Distillery Row
  • 3/4 shot lemon juice
  • 3/4 shot maple syrup
  • Two ounces club soda
Shake, serve in a Collins glass. Garnish with rosemary sprig.

Drink courtesy of Bradley Dawson, Bradley.SFS @gmail.com
Created for YELP! February 2011.

2010 Barlett Pear Brandy and Star Crimson Pear Liqueur Available Soon!

We are elbow deep in pears, having already cut and cored 2 bins' worth (approx. 1000 pounds total) of bartletts, in the nick of time as we just sold out of our 2009 bartlett and comice. We expect to be bottling the 2010 Barlett mid October. We are also going to make brandy from star crimsons-a sweet and fragrant red pear- which we'll be cutting, coring, and putting up to ferment this weekend, October 9-10.

Iced Stone Barn Coffee

  • One and a half ounces Stone Barn Coffee Liqueur
  • One ounce Triple Sec
  • Two ounces espresso
Shake with ice. Serve with whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon.

Time Based Art Festival (TBA) Sept. 2010

Stone Barn Brandyworks is one of six distilleries which make up Distillery Row in southeast Portland. Recently incorporated as a non-profit organization, our first official group venture is to provide all the spirits to the Time Based Art Festival, (TBA) happening now through September 19th.

You can find Distillery Row Lounge at the old Washington High School (12th and SE Stark) aka "The Works" in TBA lingo.

We'll be there, along with our fellow distillers, Friday through Sunday (September 17-19). Our bar, housed in what once was the principal's office, will be featuring favorite cocktails from Stone Barn, Integrity Spirits, Highball, House Spirits, Deco Distilling, and New Deal.

Hoppin Eight Aged Whiskeys from Stone Barn Brandyworks

Our Hoppin Eights whiskies is a generic label for our aged 90 proof american whiskies 2 plus years old.  Each  Barrel release is a bit different, To read about the particulars, details are listed by barrel below.

Barrel # 13a- Released November 11, 2014.  53% Rye, 40 % wheat, and 7 % German Pilsner Malt.  All organic grains.  All but the first 5 bottles chill filtered.  30 gallon barrel, heavy toast, aged 2.5 years.  We'll be bottling in two batches, likely have about 150 bottles.

Barrel # 12-  Released October 2014.  (sold out) This one is a two year old mixed grain , Rye and oat with a touch of spelt and pilsner malt thrown in. Chill filtered.  Small toasted barrel- 58 numbered 750 ml bottles produced.

Barrel #10- (No Longer Available)  Released mid-June 2013-  20 months in a new 30 gallon Michigan barrel, medium toast.  Its a blend of grains- 48% rye, 27% oat and 25% spelt. The rye and the spelt are organic.  We've bottled 50 fifths and it is available in a filtered and an unfiltered version.  There are more to be bottled in the barrel, but due to space constraints the bottling will be done in phases.  As soon as the barrel is empty, we'll be filling it up with a pinot noir fortified wine for some additional barrel aging.

Barrel #9- (SOLD OUT)  Released March 17, 2013- 36 bottles produced, but then we refiltered and had a meltdown of the filter which ruined 7 bottles worth- Que Lastima!  There might be a shot or two left behind the bar at the Night Light Lounge on Clinton.  60% Rye, 27% Oat, 13% wheat.   Single distillation, aged two years in a Missouri oak barrel coopered in the Okanagan region of Canada.

Barrel #8- (SOLD OUT)  Released January 1, 2013.  47 bottles produced.  100% Organic Spelt grown in Washington State.  Single distillation, aged 18 months in a previously used (for whiskey) 30 liter Limousin French Oak Barrel.  Spicy, some chocolate notes.

Barrel #7- (SOLD OUT), released November 2012.  57 bottles produced. 100% Organic Dark Rye, double distilled and aged 18 months in a 12 gallon new American Oak barrel.

Barrel #6(SOLD OUT) This one was half rye and half oat.  Those that got it, liked it.  We'll do it again.

Barrel #5(SOLD OUT) Can't remember the details.  We'll add them later.

Barrel #4- (SOLD OUT) Released April 2012- 59 bottles produced.  100% Organic Dark Rye, double distilled and aged 16 months in a 12 gallon new American Oak barrel.

Barrel #3- (SOLD OUT)- Released February 2012- 52 bottles produced. Blend of Organic Wheat (60%), Organic Dark Rye (30%), German Organic Pilsner Malt. A mix of two barrels, one French Oak, and the other American Oak.

Barrel #2- (SOLD OUT) Released January, 2012- 30 bottles produced.
100% Organic Spelt grown in Washington State. Aged 14 months in 6 gallon American Oak (new)
Dr. Hageman introduced us to a new, 6 month, and 24 month old spelt whiskey. Spelt has a wonderful warmth, deep color to match, and a long-lasting bright flavor on the palate, reminiscent of an Irish whiskey.

Barrel #1- (SOLD OUT) Released December 2011- 72 bottles produced.
Blend of Wheat (60%), Rye (30%), Barley Malt. Aged 14 months in  American Oak (new)
We were aiming to make something close to a Canadian Blended whiskey without using the 'blenders'.

Whiskey Cocktail Recipes:

  1. Night Light's Pear & Aged Whiskey
  2. Remember the Maine

Distillery Row, a group of 6 of us eastside distillers, are providing the hard alcohol to the TBA (time based art) festival happening now through September 19th.

Patrick from the Mercury came by the Distillery Row Lounge at The Works (the TBA site at the old Washington High School on 12th and SE Stark) last weekend and wrote about it on his blog:


Our First Bottle to Travel Overseas

This bottle of pear brandy was our third bottle sold, and it traveled with a colleague of Sebastian's to Vietnam, delivered to his friend Thu Nguyen, pictured here. While abroad, the brandy was shared at a high school reunion, and also facilitated a job offer from a local bank to Thu's oldest daughter!

Biggs Jct. Apricot Liqueur Coming Soon!

We are just waiting for label approval from ALFD (Advertising, Labeling, and Formulation Division) from TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) before we market our apricot taste of high summer in Oregon. Pictured is a close up of the bubbling fruit mash prior to filtering.
PS- a bit of a hold up here while we send the liqueur to a lab to test the proof! Hopefully we will have the Apricot available by the end of October!

Making and Appreciating Bourbon!

Searching for the perfect gift for the bourbon-lover in your life? Portland’s own Stonebarn is excited to announce the next installment of its popular whiskey-making class series: Making and Appreciating Bourbon!

Class in session

Come spend the day with distiller Andy Garrison talking, making, and tasting bourbon. You’ll get the chance to make a mash, load and run the still, taste whiskeys in various stages of maturity (including an exclusive look at an upcoming all Oregon-grown bourbon), and learn about the history and craft of some of your favorite bourbon brands. We’ll taste a variety of bourbons, including some locally produced examples as well as some great national brands.

Stonebarn makes whiskeys, brandies, and liqueurs totally onsite and strictly from locally grown fruits and grains—no sourcing, no NGS. Andy has been Stonebarn’s whiskey maker for more than four years, but he’s also lent his whiskey and distilling talents to other area distilleries.  

Making and Appreciating Bourbon will be on Sunday, August 13th, from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. $250 includes welcome coffee and pastries, catered lunch, and whiskey tastings. Questions?
Class size will be limited to 8 people.

If interested, please call us at (503) 341-2227 or send an email to: Degens@stonebarnbrandyworks.com                                                                                             

Stone Barn Whisky Club members will get a discount of $25 for the class.     

Strawberry Liqueur Available!

Our strawberry liqueur is made from fresh strawberries grown in the Willamette Valley from several Portland-area farms.  The variety of berries is called “Hood”, named for our nearby mountain, and notable also for the white crest on the top of the berry.  The Hood berries are the sweetest strawberries grown in our region and possess an incredible aroma.  This season they were challenged by too much rain and only intermittent sun, but we did manage to seize our short June window and process 50 flats.

Our alcohol base is a sweet and fragrant Washington state Gewurztraminer wine which we’ve distilled into strawberry spirits, and then blended with the strawberry juice and cane sugar syrup. All the distillation has been done in our copper pot still, resulting in a product that our tasting room visitors have described as “summertime in a bottle”. We think the color, taste, and aroma capture the essence of the Oregon berries. 

We released our 2012 Willamette Strawberry Liqueur on June 29th! The liqueur is now available for purchase (and sampling) through our tasting room.

Pictured is a Strawberry Mojito, a delightful way to enjoy this spirit.
Our tasting room is open! We will be at the distillery on Saturdays and Sundays, 11-5. Please call 503-775-6747 before you come by to make sure we are not out on a fruit run, or a supply run.

Finally three of our labels have been approved, (which was no mean feat!) and we are now a licensed Retail Sales Outlet, meaning we can sell product from our business location.

We are now selling Pear Brandy, Apple Brandy, and Pinot Noir Grappa from our tasting room. The Apple Brandy and Pinot Noir Grappa are also listed with the OLCC and can be ordered through their warehouse.

Sebastian's mother Tuti was in Portland for this auspicious day when we filled our 375 ml bottles with 2009 season Bartlett Pear Brandy.

Pear Rosemary Twister

1 1/2 ounces vodka
1/2 ounce rosemary simple syrup
1/2 ounce pear brandy
twist of lemon

Shake over ice and pour into cocktail glass.
(photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)