Making and Appreciating Bourbon!

Searching for the perfect gift for the bourbon-lover in your life? Portland’s own Stonebarn is excited to announce the next installment of its popular whiskey-making class series: Making and Appreciating Bourbon!

Class in session

Come spend the day with distiller Andy Garrison talking, making, and tasting bourbon. You’ll get the chance to make a mash, load and run the still, taste whiskeys in various stages of maturity (including an exclusive look at an upcoming all Oregon-grown bourbon), and learn about the history and craft of some of your favorite bourbon brands. We’ll taste a variety of bourbons, including some locally produced examples as well as some great national brands.

Stonebarn makes whiskeys, brandies, and liqueurs totally onsite and strictly from locally grown fruits and grains—no sourcing, no NGS. Andy has been Stonebarn’s whiskey maker for more than four years, but he’s also lent his whiskey and distilling talents to other area distilleries.  

Making and Appreciating Bourbon will be on Sunday, August 13th, from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. $250 includes welcome coffee and pastries, catered lunch, and whiskey tastings. Questions?
Class size will be limited to 8 people.

If interested, please call us at (503) 341-2227 or send an email to:                                                                                             

Stone Barn Whisky Club members will get a discount of $25 for the class.     

Strawberry Liqueur Available!

Our strawberry liqueur is made from fresh strawberries grown in the Willamette Valley from several Portland-area farms.  The variety of berries is called “Hood”, named for our nearby mountain, and notable also for the white crest on the top of the berry.  The Hood berries are the sweetest strawberries grown in our region and possess an incredible aroma.  This season they were challenged by too much rain and only intermittent sun, but we did manage to seize our short June window and process 50 flats.

Our alcohol base is a sweet and fragrant Washington state Gewurztraminer wine which we’ve distilled into strawberry spirits, and then blended with the strawberry juice and cane sugar syrup. All the distillation has been done in our copper pot still, resulting in a product that our tasting room visitors have described as “summertime in a bottle”. We think the color, taste, and aroma capture the essence of the Oregon berries. 

We released our 2012 Willamette Strawberry Liqueur on June 29th! The liqueur is now available for purchase (and sampling) through our tasting room.

Pictured is a Strawberry Mojito, a delightful way to enjoy this spirit.
Our tasting room is open! We will be at the distillery on Saturdays and Sundays, 11-5. Please call 503-775-6747 before you come by to make sure we are not out on a fruit run, or a supply run.

Finally three of our labels have been approved, (which was no mean feat!) and we are now a licensed Retail Sales Outlet, meaning we can sell product from our business location.

We are now selling Pear Brandy, Apple Brandy, and Pinot Noir Grappa from our tasting room. The Apple Brandy and Pinot Noir Grappa are also listed with the OLCC and can be ordered through their warehouse.

Sebastian's mother Tuti was in Portland for this auspicious day when we filled our 375 ml bottles with 2009 season Bartlett Pear Brandy.