Scott, an OSU graduate with a degree in Environmental Chemistry, is now working part-time for Stone Barn. He brings knowledge and passion for distilling, a feel for spirits, and whiskey making experience. He is a terrific addition to our staff!

Introducing Josh Grgas...

We are delighted to have hired Josh Grgas to work with us at Stone Barn Brandyworks! Josh was referred to us via a neighbor of the original Stone Barn, SBB's namesake, in West Falmouth. Josh started as a volunteer, a beer brewer by avocation and eager to learn the ins and outs of distilling. He soon became a true apprentice, learning quickly, bringing a great understanding of the chemical and operational processes involved in work with alcohol products.
Josh's other job is managing the taps at Beermongers, on 12th and SE Division. Josh's beer knowledge and prowess was praised and acclaimed by the New School Beer Blog.

Goats feast on Stone Barn fruit cuttings

About mid September, we were working away, cutting up the first bartletts of the season, when we heard something unaccustomed in our now familiar soundscape of echoing train horns, motorcycle revs from the warehouse bay north of us, and the dripping of the rain barrel above us.

It was a gang of goats rented for blackberry control on the rented lot across Pershing Street. We loved having the goats there, and were sad when their clearing work was done, and their owner loaded them up to for some home turf time until their next job.

However, we did arrange for the goats to eat our fruit cuttings, and, perhaps at some point, they will also get tipsy from some spent, fermented fruit mash.