Strawberry Liqueur Available!

Our strawberry liqueur is made from fresh strawberries grown in the Willamette Valley from several Portland-area farms.  The variety of berries is called “Hood”, named for our nearby mountain, and notable also for the white crest on the top of the berry.  The Hood berries are the sweetest strawberries grown in our region and possess an incredible aroma.  This season they were challenged by too much rain and only intermittent sun, but we did manage to seize our short June window and process 50 flats.

Our alcohol base is a sweet and fragrant Washington state Gewurztraminer wine which we’ve distilled into strawberry spirits, and then blended with the strawberry juice and cane sugar syrup. All the distillation has been done in our copper pot still, resulting in a product that our tasting room visitors have described as “summertime in a bottle”. We think the color, taste, and aroma capture the essence of the Oregon berries. 

We released our 2012 Willamette Strawberry Liqueur on June 29th! The liqueur is now available for purchase (and sampling) through our tasting room.

Pictured is a Strawberry Mojito, a delightful way to enjoy this spirit.