Nocino, our latest release, is a green walnut liqueur made with a traditional European recipe.  We have adapted it slightly to use a blend of rye spirits and pinot noir brandy, to give it that "Stone Barn" feel.  It's a rich, complex blend of bitter flavors and spice, and can be drunk as a digestif or if you are adventurous, blended in several cocktails.

Our first release was January 2013 with just over 100 bottles.  We hope to make it again next year.

Stone Barn Oaked Apple Brandy

Our Oregon Apple Brandy has aged in Limousin French Oak for one year, and is a blend of Sonata, Granny Smith, Gala, Fuji, Criterion, and Golden Delicious.The next oaking will include these juicy Jonathans from EZ Orchards in Salem.

Cocktail Recipes:

Autumn Apricot Cocktail at Gino's

The excellent seafood dinner we enjoyed at Gino's in Sellwood was punctuated by a surprise cocktail brought to us by the owner, Mark Accuardi.  He and bartender Dustin Dunn created a drink we'll call  "Dunn on 13th", made with Stone Barn Apricot Liqueur, organic apple cider, and New Deal's Vodka 88.

Wind River Chanterelles

You may have missed us at the tasting room a Sunday or so ago. Ethan worked and we took a day off to hunt mushrooms in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  We've been foraging in the woods around in the Government Mineral Springs area since 1980.  It was a welcome break to be cutting mushrooms rather than quince and comice pear for an afternoon!