Cranberry Liqueur

Stone Barn Brandyworks Cranberry Liqueur is made from cranberries grown sustainably by several family farms in the Cape Blanco area of the Oregon Coast.  The growing season in Oregon is longer than in other cranberry- growing regions, which contributes to the berries full flavor and garnet color.  

We've taken the berries, and made a cranberry spirit from Cabernet Sauvignon brandy in our pot still, which we’ve combined with the juice, barrel-aged cab brandy and cane sugar syrup to make a tart, light, liqueur reminiscent of the misty bogs along the Pacific Coast.  We think the color, taste, and aroma capture the essence of the Oregon berries.  Available year round in 375ml and 750 ml sizes.

Cocktail Recipes:
  1. Cranberry Sparkler
  2. Cranberry Lemon Drop
  3. Cranberry Mojito
  4.  Mia Farrow

It is Apricot season again and we are working with Robada, Rival, Tom Cot, and Castlebright varieties from the Yakima area. In the next week, we will also try the Goldbar which were delicious as samples.  We're looking for a perfect variety to focus on next year, but for now we are happy with the blend.  Our challenge is to reduce enough ripe fruit to a syrup for the liqueur before the season ends or our stamina gives out.  Usually these events seem to coincide....

We've also been serving an Apricot Whiskey Sour on certain inspired days at the tasting room.

Chocolate Rye

If you come in this summer, you are likely to encounter dark cacao aromas rising from the still and the mash tanks. Andy, Erika and I are making a rye whiskey and adding a chocolate malt to the mixture.  The unaged spirit is promising, and we can hardly wait 2-3 years to try the first barrel.  The young whiskey is going into 36 gallon new oak 'alligator-charred' barrels, built in Higbee Missouri by Matt Kirby at A & K Cooperage.
There's some dark cacoa notes in some of the finer ryes we've tried. We're hoping this project gets us a little closer to perfection.