Stone Barn Open New Year's Eve 12-4pm!

Stop by to pick up a Quince or Cranberry Liqueur to spruce up your midnight toast- a splash added to champagne makes a tasty and easy cocktail.
Or drop in for a tasting to seek out another of our spirits to share in festivities the night unfolds.
All of us members of Distillery Row are getting together in the spirit of the season with our second annual Black Friday on Distillery Row for some choice holiday shopping.  The theme is "Indulgence" as the event offers the opportunity to sample and purchase bottled spirits from all 5 of us on the Row- Eastside, New Deal, Vinn, House- and of course Stone Barn, and to welcome our newest member Rolling River Distillery.

Also on hand will be samples and goods for sale from local  food, craft, and beverage artisans including Alma Chocolates, Lovejoy Bakers, Jacob's Creamery, Pok Pok, Sage & Sea Vinegar, NW Cigars, Zephyr's Art Glassware.

It is free admission but much appreciated if you take a moment to register at for notifications and entry into a raffle for a chance to win Distillery Row Passports.

You may also visit the Facebook event page at

Hope to see you there!

Return of the Chop

The winter storm delayed the quince harvest but one week later it was blue sky and gorgeous ripe quince ready for plucking in Earl and Tremaine's Wilsonville Orchard.

This prompted Return of the Chop.  Friends of Stone Barn convened on an October Sunday to slice and dice 200 pounds of quince, and grind up a 900 pound bin of Bartletts, all in short order. Can you guess which two cutters ran the Portland Marathon earlier in the day?

We all had dinner, cocktails, and wine to celebrate the harvest and our great volunteers.


Neighbor Nic from Alchemy is giving us a thumbs up on our first loading experience with Forky.  Moments later we stalled in the street and had to run an extension cord to power back up.  Fortunately it was a quiet Saturday morning.  The bartlett pears are now safely off the truck and comfortably ripening in the distillery.