Stone Barn Brandyworks Cocktails For Night Light Paired Mushroom Dinner

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Created By Sadie Davis, November 2013

Cranberry Sparkler, Served with Amuse Bouche
1 oz Stone Barn Brandy Works Cranberry Liqueur
5 oz dry sparkling wine (I used DiBonn Cava)
*1 Poached Cranberry
In a Champagne Flute, pour the Cranberry Liqueur. Tilt the glass to the side as you slowly add the Brut. Finish with the poached cranberry for garnish

*In a small sauce pan, heat 1 cup of water, add 1 cup of white sugar, whisking to dissolve. Add a handful of fresh cranberries and lower heat. Just cook until softened, not disintegrated. Chill until serving time. Do Not put in cocktail warm! If garnishing with cranberries is too absurd, an orange twist ties the cocktail together beautifully, but slightly different.