Comice Pear Crush

Comice in from the rain
We make a Comice brandy, as well as a Bartlett pear.  Two years ago we were serving both and found that 3 out of 4 people preferred the Bartlett, but the 4th enjoyed the Comice better.  Why?   The Comice is less sweet to the palate, more a fall flavor, whereas our Bartlett tastes like the height of summer, bright, and an awesome nose. For some reason whiskey drinkers often prefer Comice- perhaps the dry spiciness?   The Comice, like most other pear varietals we have tried to distill, lacks the specific ester that distinguishes the Bartlett pear brandy from all others.  Still, it is a tastier pear to eat, and we get some particular late harvest Comice pears from EZ Orchards in the Salem area which are so sweet, they are most enjoyable to eat while we make the brandy mash.  We are making Comice brandy now, after all the Bartlett have already come and gone.

We use most of our Comice brandy in a Star Crimson Pear liqueur- a combination of syrup made from red-skinned Star Crimson pears, and we bring the liqueur to 40 proof (20% abv with a combination of Comice and Bartlett pear brandy.  This makes the pear liqueur a combination of three pears and is one of our most popular late fall seasonal liqueurs.

Imbibe and Inhale at Stone Barn and Botanic eLiquids

A selection of  bottles and vapes.
Holiday Open House Thursday December 17, 6-9 pm.
Join us for a sensory and fun shopping experience

Stone Barn will provide complimentary tasting flights of our winter releases- Tawny Duet (an all pinot noir port), our new Straight Rye with chocolate malt, and this year's Nocino. We'll have seasonal favorites - like Quince Liqueur and Star Crimson Pear Liqueur- on hand also, along with Cranberry Liqueur, Apricot Liqueur, Bartlett Pear Brandy, Straight Oat Whiskey, all available for purchase.

Our new neighbors are joining in to co-host!  Botanic eLiquids crafts organic, (nicotine-free) herbal eLiquids for vaporization.  They are blends of herbs, citruses, mint, and spices which benefit health and well being. Botanic eLiquids will offer unlimited vaporizing samples in Suite F, and have kits for sale as well.

Come on over to inundate your senses with vapors and spirits.

Hope to see you on the 17th!

Stone Barn Straight Rye can still be found on the shelves of Portland Liquor Stores!

Several of you have asked us whether we have any more Straight Rye Whiskey and although we are sold out at the tasting room, there are bottles out there.

Here is the lowdown of where to find our Straight Rye, according to an OLCC inventory at the end of November:

  • Macadam:  4 bottles 750ml
  • Aloha:  3 bottles 750 ml
  • Barbur:  8 bottles 750 ml; 5 bottles 375 ml
  • Portland Center:  2 bottles 750 ml
  • Moreland:   2 bottles 750 ml; 2 bottles 375
  • 10th Avenue:  2 bottles 750 ml
  • Rose City:  3 bottles 750 ml
  • Beaverton Allen Blvd:  1 bottle 750 ml
  • Hillsdale:  5 bottles 375 ml
  • Oregon City:  7 bottles 375 ml
  • Hawthorne:  2 bottles 375 ml
AND- Portland Center also had/has 8 bottles of the Cherry Adam Rye, the collaboration we did with Hair of the Dog brewing.

Stone Barn at Adrienne Stacey's Pottery Home Show this Friday, December 4, 6-9 pm at 3434 SE Brooklyn Street in Portland

I will bring fixings to gift wrap the bottles........
We are honored to be part of this event.  Adrienne is our favorite Portland potter, and we own several of her pieces and appreciate their beauty and functionality every time we use them.

Stone Barn will offering tastings and bottle sales.  I will bring our newly bottled Nocino, (green walnut liqueur) our Star Crimson Pear Liqueur, Cranberry Liqueur and our barrel aged Straight Rye Whiskey.

Thanksgiving 2015 Report

We are sending our Thanksgiving greetings to all our readers.  Its a crisp autumn day in Portland.   Family is assembling: daughter, niece, nephew, brother, sister (in-law), friends.  We will cook a 'sasquatched' turkey (spine removed and flattened in a roasting pan).

Chocolate Rye in 750 ml bottles
But first we plan a walk to the distillery to label Nocino, Whiskey, Quince Liqueur, and our pinot noir port which are being sold at the Black Friday event.

On Saturday I'll be pouring at Winter's Hill Estates in Dundee, Oregon from 11-5 PM. The Pinot Noir Ice Wine that was base for the 2 year old port was grown on the Winter's Hill estate, situated on a beautiful mountain in wine country.

While cleaning the table to make room for the turkey dinner, we found the following two drink recipes scratched on a dog-eared pad of paper.  I remember enjoying them and think I'll offer them tonight:

Pan American Clipper

2 oz Apple Brandy
1/2 oz Lemon
1/2 oz cherry cordial
bar spoon of ouzo

Tilly Jane

13/4 oz pear brandy
3/4 oz dolin blanc
1/2 oz cynar
1 tsp ginger liqueur
2 dashes Regan bitters

Our cheers go out to friends and family in Germany, New York, Vietnam, and Seattle whom we miss dearly.


New harvest quince liqueur is back in stock for the holiday season. Source of quince is Earl's Farm in Wilsonville, like last year, as well as quince gleaned from several trees in yards of friends.

Other new releases:  Rye, Tawny Duet (a Pinot Noir port) and Nocino is about a week out.

Star Crimson Pear Liqueur Ready!

We introduced this liqueur last year and now the 2015 batch is  available in our tasting room.  This spirit is a blend of several pear brandies we have mashed and distilled- primarily the fragrant bartlett, but with bits of comice and anjou brandies as well. Upon cooking, we elicit a light pink, thick and very sweet juice from this red skinned pear, which we blend with the distillate to result in this 40 proof liqueur.

Stone Barn joins First Thursday tonight, October 1, at Portland Made downtown!


Stone Barn will be at Portland Made, 425 SW 11th, from 6:15 pm- 8:00 pm on First Thursday, October 1, 2015, offering the first tastes of this year's Star Crimson Pear Liqueur, as well as our Straight Oat American Whiskey! You will be able to sample the spirits, and bottles will be available to purchase.

Event Friday, 9/25 at Bushwacker Woodlawn

Bushwacker Cider Woodlawn location is featuring our apple brandy tonight in a special cocktail hour, with a custom cocktail and munchies for the occasion. Erika and Sebastian will be on hand to talk about brandy, answer any questions about our operation, and offer complimentary samples of our Apple Brandy, Coffee Liqueur, and Cranberry Liqueur.

The event is from 6-9 pm at 901 NE Oneonta Street.

Stuart Ramsey ( ) and Stone Barn Brandyworks present:
RYE- A March 20th Workshop for whiskey-aficionados:
This spring class will allow whiskey-enthusiasts to participate first hand in the making of a small batch of whiskey over the course of a Sunday in a small craft distillery in the heart of SE Portland.  We plan on addressing the basics of making whiskey from scratch- using an organic rye flour from Bob’s Red Mill to make a mash. Once the mash is started, we will distill a rye mash prepared in advance and explore the mysteries of separating heads from the heart and tail.  At Stone Barn we ferment and distill “on-the-grain”, meaning the fermented mash goes into the pot still in its entirety.  In this way, participants will be able to experience the entire 10 day process in a single workshop day.
Throughout the day, Stone Barn distiller Andy Garrison will demonstrate the practical aspects of making whiskey- inviting participants to have a stir, smell, and taste in all aspects of the process.  Andy will discuss the intricacies of proofing spirits, making the cuts, and barrel aging. You will find a rich sensory experience in a day at the distillery.  Rye from various stages of barrel development will be sampled from Stone Barn’s stock, from unaged to mature, with stops along the way (6 mos, 1 yr, 2 yr etc.).
There are quiet moments while the still gets up to temperature or the mash cools.  During these times, the class will take advantage of Ramsay’s Dram, Academy of Whisky.   Few appreciate whiskey more than Stuart Ramsay- He will share his extensive knowledge and sensory investigation of the history, culture, production methods of whiskies, particularly American whiskies (rye and bourbon) and what he has termed ‘Cascadian Craft Whiskies’ . 
The Rye Workshop will be held Sunday March 20th, 2016 from 9:30-4:00.
The class includes lunch, enjoyed around a large working table. There will be educational tastings throughout the day of spirits in the works and finished whiskies to demonstrate a process or illustrate a point. 
Cost of the class is $250 per person, and class size will be limited to 10 people.
Stone Barn Whisky Club members will get a discount of $25 for the class.    

If interested, please call us at (503) 341-2227 or send an email to:

Peach Liqueur Release!

Last year we were approached by Grossen Peaches in Hillsboro to create a spirit using their peaches. The project has finally come to fruition and we are offering the Peach Liqueur to taste and purchase at the distillery as of today, September 4th.

The liqueur has our rye whiskey as its alcohol base, blended with juice from the peaches.  There was an infusion and two distillations involved in the process, but I won't indulge in a blow by blow. Suffice to say the result is a light pink 48 proof liqueur with the bite of rye, the delicacy of peach, and the addition of a minimal amount of organic cane sugar syrup for a touch of sweetness.

Height of Summer

Comice ripening at EZ Orchards
It is hot out.  In the valley, the pears are getting good and ripe, yellow jackets circling the down fruit in the field.  Wheat is being cut, sunflowers abound, 3 digit days. The vineyards are lush in the Eola Hills, but grapes still green and hard.  We've bottled the last of the Bartlett until the new crop is in, and we're between whiskey barrels.                                                                     We took a drive through Carlton, Yamhill, Independence, Monmouth to a wonderful wedding on a bend of the Willamette.  It was our anniversary too.   Camping in the floodway, lanterns at dusk, hard to imagine a spring freshet that would inundate the meadow and trees.  

Wedding band on break

chain harrow behind the shed

Back in Portland,  Erika is at a farmers market and I must develop a cocktail for the tasting room. Last week we served an Apricot-Plum Smash.  Today a coffee drink (TBD) to keep the heart racing.

Apricot Plum Smash

  • 2 ripe plums, cut up (they don't need to be from our tree)
  • 1 1/2 oz apricot Liqueur
  • 1 oz unoaked rye whiskey
  • one good shake Angostura Bitters
  • Ginger beer to top the glass

And how you do it:
  1. Mash the plums at the bottom of a cocktail shaker with a muddler
  2. Add spirits, bitters, and ice
  3. Shake hard
  4. Strain into a glass with ice because it's pretty pulpy, but the ice is welcome on a hot day
  5. Top with ginger beer and a lemon twist


Figgy Figgy

A fun project- we picked up a barrel of fig beer from Cascade Brewing.  It made a wonderful distillate- deeply figgy with a bit of spice.  Not sure what we'll do with the spirit but know we will put it to good use.


Oregon Distillers Festival

It was hot, even in the shade of the Fir Grove last weekend at the Oregon Distillers Festival out at Edgefield in Troutdale.

I poured Rye four ways- Straight, the Cherry Adam Barrel-Aged, the Hard Eight Unoaked, and in a cocktail called the Picard Sour- an earl Grey infused rye lemonade, perfect for a hot day.

There was a steady line for the cocktail, perhaps attracted by the sound of ice in a metal shaker.

Here's a link to the recipe:  Picard Sour

I had picked up 7 cases of apricots from Growers Outlet on my way there which were trying to stay cool in the shade behind my booth, but all of them needed to be processed the next day due to the heat.

Finished the evening with a  wonderful cocktail in the Black Rabbit Bar  named "TREAD LIGHTLY"  McMenamins Hogshead Whiskey, Cynar Artichoke Liqueur, Dolin Sweet Vermouth, orange zest.


Early Summer Bounty

We are immersed in a flush of color and produce!  These days you can find us madly cutting, cooking, straining, reducing Robada apricots and blackening our fingers slicing green walnuts to immerse in our rye spirits. We expect to have our Biggs Junction Apricot Liqueur ready mid July and come the end of November release our 2015 Nocino.

This weekend's drinks: The Picard Sour & the Stone Barn Eightball

On a hot weekend in June we made two drinks that were both a hit in the warm weather.  Both used the Hard Eight Rye pictured below.

The First drink was the Stone Barn Eightball-

Equal parts lemon juice, rye whiskey, simple  syrup.  Some orange bitters.  Shake hard to get some froth and pour into a glass. Top with ginger beer.  Garnish with a lemon ring

I was serving it up, but on fresh ice in a highball glass was also the original idea.  Next time I might even mash a half lemon at the bottom of the high ball glass.

For the 2nd drink, I made a trial batch of Earl Grey-infused simple syrup from a giant tin of Earl Grey tea brought back in bulk from London earlier this year.  A tasting room customer watching me strain the black tea out of the syrup remarked that Earl Grey was the tea of choice for Captain Picard. A drink is born......

So, for the Picard Sour, equal parts Earl Grey-infused simple syrup, rye, and lemon juice.  Bitters optional.  The brown syrup provides a wonderful rich color to the cocktail, and the lemon provides a welcome refreshment on hot days as we had this weekend.

Stone Barn closes early Saturday May 30, to enter the Coffeelandia liqueur contest, Red Wing Roast Coffee in Hand!

Image result for coffeelandia 2015Image result for coffeelandia 2015

In honor of and participation in Coffeelandia 2015, our tasting room will close at 4:30 pm this Saturday, May 30th. Over on 7th and Oak, come 5 pm Sebastian will be pouring Stone Barn's Red Wing Roast Coffee Liqueur.  If you'd enjoy sampling the array of coffee spirits- including coffee beer- Oregon has to offer- and vote on your favorites- come on by!

Cherry Cordial Release!

Stone Barn has a new product- Cherry Cordial, that is being labeled as we speak.  We marinated whole Bing cherries in our Cherry Brandy for over a year. The cherries infused a deep red into the brandy, and imparted a sweet, dry sharp flavor.  Easy to imagine as a special touch in a Manhattan, or to sip on its own after dinner. The batch is limited- next time we'll make more. Cherry Cordial is available for sampling and purchase in our tasting room.

Tasting at Gifford Florist Today, Tuesday April 14th!!!

If you are downtown this afternoon between 3 and 5 pm stop by Gifford's Flowers to taste some Stone Barn spirits amidst the scent of multiple flowers and bouquets.  Erika will be sampling our Straight Oat 100% American Whiskey, (a 2 year aged pure oat), our Quince Liqueur, and our Bartlett Pear Brandy.

Pomace Comes to Fruition

We now have our Eastside Ouzo- the reincarnation of pinot gris pomace distilled with anise and spearmint- and our Malbec Grappa- the distillation of glorious pomace from Seven Bridges Winery in Portland- both available in our tasting room for sampling and purchase.

Whiskey flights tonight at Holmans!!!!!!

Holman's Restaurant

Tonight at Holmans - Thursday, April 9th- from 7-9 pm, Erika will be on hand pouring complimentary Stone Barn whiskey flights, as well as Biggs Junction Apricot Liqueur tastes.  The bar will be serving Whiskey Sour samples made from Stone Barn spirits.  Stop by to say hello if you are thirsty for local liquor and because ......Thursday is the new Friday!

Limited seating RSVP 503-341-2227

THIS FRIDAY April 10 at 8 p.m.
Event is 21 and over 
3315 SE 19th, Suite B
Tickets $15.00
Over 21 only

From ancient monasteries in Armenia to festivals throughout Europe, Bet Williams and John Hodian have been creating and performing music together for over 20 years. With the globe trotting world music ensemble “Epiphany Project”, the alt-rock “Bet Williams Band”  and the Armenian "Naghash Ensemble" the music these two artists create is a vast quilt of influences and inspirations.
From Qawwali devotional songs to Appalachian Folk, acoustic blues and Tuvan throat singing, singer/songwriter Bet Williams uses her voice in an endless number of unusual ways. John Hodian’s piano playing features haunting melodies and intricate rhythms that reflect his Armenian roots and love for improvisation. Together their music is a blend of ancient and modern cultures but the earthy rhythms and chant-like melodies make it strangely familiar. This concert will be particularly special as they will be performing with their 11 year old son Jack, on drums and percussion.

We just returned from east coast snowfall.  Andy manned the fort at Stone Barn solo in our absence. We look forward to re-entering the world of Portland spirits at the tasting room this weekend!