Early Summer Bounty

We are immersed in a flush of color and produce!  These days you can find us madly cutting, cooking, straining, reducing Robada apricots and blackening our fingers slicing green walnuts to immerse in our rye spirits. We expect to have our Biggs Junction Apricot Liqueur ready mid July and come the end of November release our 2015 Nocino.

This weekend's drinks: The Picard Sour & the Stone Barn Eightball

On a hot weekend in June we made two drinks that were both a hit in the warm weather.  Both used the Hard Eight Rye pictured below.

The First drink was the Stone Barn Eightball-

Equal parts lemon juice, rye whiskey, simple  syrup.  Some orange bitters.  Shake hard to get some froth and pour into a glass. Top with ginger beer.  Garnish with a lemon ring

I was serving it up, but on fresh ice in a highball glass was also the original idea.  Next time I might even mash a half lemon at the bottom of the high ball glass.

For the 2nd drink, I made a trial batch of Earl Grey-infused simple syrup from a giant tin of Earl Grey tea brought back in bulk from London earlier this year.  A tasting room customer watching me strain the black tea out of the syrup remarked that Earl Grey was the tea of choice for Captain Picard. A drink is born......

So, for the Picard Sour, equal parts Earl Grey-infused simple syrup, rye, and lemon juice.  Bitters optional.  The brown syrup provides a wonderful rich color to the cocktail, and the lemon provides a welcome refreshment on hot days as we had this weekend.