This weekend's drinks: The Picard Sour & the Stone Barn Eightball

On a hot weekend in June we made two drinks that were both a hit in the warm weather.  Both used the Hard Eight Rye pictured below.

The First drink was the Stone Barn Eightball-

Equal parts lemon juice, rye whiskey, simple  syrup.  Some orange bitters.  Shake hard to get some froth and pour into a glass. Top with ginger beer.  Garnish with a lemon ring

I was serving it up, but on fresh ice in a highball glass was also the original idea.  Next time I might even mash a half lemon at the bottom of the high ball glass.

For the 2nd drink, I made a trial batch of Earl Grey-infused simple syrup from a giant tin of Earl Grey tea brought back in bulk from London earlier this year.  A tasting room customer watching me strain the black tea out of the syrup remarked that Earl Grey was the tea of choice for Captain Picard. A drink is born......

So, for the Picard Sour, equal parts Earl Grey-infused simple syrup, rye, and lemon juice.  Bitters optional.  The brown syrup provides a wonderful rich color to the cocktail, and the lemon provides a welcome refreshment on hot days as we had this weekend.