Star Crimson Pear Liqueur Ready!

We introduced this liqueur last year and now the 2015 batch is  available in our tasting room.  This spirit is a blend of several pear brandies we have mashed and distilled- primarily the fragrant bartlett, but with bits of comice and anjou brandies as well. Upon cooking, we elicit a light pink, thick and very sweet juice from this red skinned pear, which we blend with the distillate to result in this 40 proof liqueur.

Stone Barn joins First Thursday tonight, October 1, at Portland Made downtown!


Stone Barn will be at Portland Made, 425 SW 11th, from 6:15 pm- 8:00 pm on First Thursday, October 1, 2015, offering the first tastes of this year's Star Crimson Pear Liqueur, as well as our Straight Oat American Whiskey! You will be able to sample the spirits, and bottles will be available to purchase.