Comice Pear Crush

Comice in from the rain
We make a Comice brandy, as well as a Bartlett pear.  Two years ago we were serving both and found that 3 out of 4 people preferred the Bartlett, but the 4th enjoyed the Comice better.  Why?   The Comice is less sweet to the palate, more a fall flavor, whereas our Bartlett tastes like the height of summer, bright, and an awesome nose. For some reason whiskey drinkers often prefer Comice- perhaps the dry spiciness?   The Comice, like most other pear varietals we have tried to distill, lacks the specific ester that distinguishes the Bartlett pear brandy from all others.  Still, it is a tastier pear to eat, and we get some particular late harvest Comice pears from EZ Orchards in the Salem area which are so sweet, they are most enjoyable to eat while we make the brandy mash.  We are making Comice brandy now, after all the Bartlett have already come and gone.

We use most of our Comice brandy in a Star Crimson Pear liqueur- a combination of syrup made from red-skinned Star Crimson pears, and we bring the liqueur to 40 proof (20% abv with a combination of Comice and Bartlett pear brandy.  This makes the pear liqueur a combination of three pears and is one of our most popular late fall seasonal liqueurs.

Imbibe and Inhale at Stone Barn and Botanic eLiquids

A selection of  bottles and vapes.
Holiday Open House Thursday December 17, 6-9 pm.
Join us for a sensory and fun shopping experience

Stone Barn will provide complimentary tasting flights of our winter releases- Tawny Duet (an all pinot noir port), our new Straight Rye with chocolate malt, and this year's Nocino. We'll have seasonal favorites - like Quince Liqueur and Star Crimson Pear Liqueur- on hand also, along with Cranberry Liqueur, Apricot Liqueur, Bartlett Pear Brandy, Straight Oat Whiskey, all available for purchase.

Our new neighbors are joining in to co-host!  Botanic eLiquids crafts organic, (nicotine-free) herbal eLiquids for vaporization.  They are blends of herbs, citruses, mint, and spices which benefit health and well being. Botanic eLiquids will offer unlimited vaporizing samples in Suite F, and have kits for sale as well.

Come on over to inundate your senses with vapors and spirits.

Hope to see you on the 17th!

Stone Barn Straight Rye can still be found on the shelves of Portland Liquor Stores!

Several of you have asked us whether we have any more Straight Rye Whiskey and although we are sold out at the tasting room, there are bottles out there.

Here is the lowdown of where to find our Straight Rye, according to an OLCC inventory at the end of November:

  • Macadam:  4 bottles 750ml
  • Aloha:  3 bottles 750 ml
  • Barbur:  8 bottles 750 ml; 5 bottles 375 ml
  • Portland Center:  2 bottles 750 ml
  • Moreland:   2 bottles 750 ml; 2 bottles 375
  • 10th Avenue:  2 bottles 750 ml
  • Rose City:  3 bottles 750 ml
  • Beaverton Allen Blvd:  1 bottle 750 ml
  • Hillsdale:  5 bottles 375 ml
  • Oregon City:  7 bottles 375 ml
  • Hawthorne:  2 bottles 375 ml
AND- Portland Center also had/has 8 bottles of the Cherry Adam Rye, the collaboration we did with Hair of the Dog brewing.

Stone Barn at Adrienne Stacey's Pottery Home Show this Friday, December 4, 6-9 pm at 3434 SE Brooklyn Street in Portland

I will bring fixings to gift wrap the bottles........
We are honored to be part of this event.  Adrienne is our favorite Portland potter, and we own several of her pieces and appreciate their beauty and functionality every time we use them.

Stone Barn will offering tastings and bottle sales.  I will bring our newly bottled Nocino, (green walnut liqueur) our Star Crimson Pear Liqueur, Cranberry Liqueur and our barrel aged Straight Rye Whiskey.