6 cases of Cherry Adam Straight Rye found on Bainbridge Island!

We thought we were all sold out of the 2015 release of our 'Cherry Adam' Straight Rye Whiskey.  On a recent trip to see the Seahawks slaughter the Panthers, we visited our distributor on Bainbridge Island and found 6 cases in his warehouse on the tip of the island.  We brought these back to Portland for the Christmas season.

The mash bill is 100% stone-ground rye from Bob's Red Mill. After distillation,  the whiskey aged two years in toasted American oak barrels.  It was then finished for two months in a barrel that previously held Hair of the Dog's "Cherry Adam from the Wood", a dark and strong ale aged on local cherries.  It is bottled in numbered bottles.

To quote Stone Barn distiller Andy Garrison, "the deep cherry and dark chocolate from Adam are a good fit with the spicy, drier character of our rye." 

Nocino 2016 bottled and available!

We picked the walnuts for this year's Nocino in early July, harvesting the orchard of an old friend on Parrot Mountain as well as our favorite local walnut trees in Portland.

The recipe is our traditional one, infusing the unripe walnuts into a blend of our rye whiskey, brandy and spices. It is complex, a digestif poured straight, a fun replacement for vermouth in a Manhattan, a topping for ice cream, or a shot in an Irish Coffee....

Now available for tasting and purchase in our tasting room and the variety of farmer's markets and holiday fairs we will be attending in December!


Join Stone Barn and the other seven distilleries in the Row- New Deal, House Spirits, Rolling River, Thomas & Sons, Eastside Distilling, Wild Roots Spirits, Vinn-  for our annual Black Friday tasting and bottle sale.

We are excited to be in the heart of the Pearl district in the Armory at 128 NW 11th Ave.
Hours are 11 am- 5 pm.

It is free admission and all ages, because in addition to the multitude of spirits available for sampling and purchase, we will also have local vendors tasting and selling their wares. Vendors participating include Portland Soda Works, Pok Pok, Missionary Chocolate, Bitter Housewife, Treehouse Chocolate, MeeMee's Goodies, Sage and Sea Farms, Eliot's Adult Nut Butters, Green State Sugaring, Plum Tree Jam, Cardamon Hills Chutneys, Marshall's Haute Sauce, Acme Farms + Kitchen, Marigold Coffee, and Olympia Provisions.

Barrel 19 Release

We've recently released our newest single barrel whiskey-   It’s our Barrel #19, aged 3 years 10 months in a medium toasted white-oak barrel from East Bernstadt Cooperage in Kentucky.  The whiskey is light caramel in color in an Irish whiskey style.

Bottles of whiskey arranged for labeling
The mash bill is 60% rye, 25% oat, 10 % spelt and the balance some wheat and barley that slipped in. It was a 60 gallon barrel that produced a total of 561 bottles in both 375 ml and 750 sizes.  We bottled it all at 90 proof.

The whiskey is being sold under our “Hopping Eights” label, to avoid confusion with some of the straight rye that is still out there.  It’s marked as Barrel #19.  Unfortunately we are now completely sold out of Straight Rye (Barrel #23) at the tasting room.

Grappa with Teutonic Winery pomace

Making grappa is extremely labor intensive. Emptying a still filled with gallons of swollen grape skins and the short window of time to distill masses of fresh pomace before it turns vinegary present quite a challenge. Andy has worked his way through multiple bins of Pinot and Reisling pomace, the pressings courtesy of our (relatively) new neighbor, Teutonic Wine Company, and burned the midnight oil to keep up with the whirlwind of wine production.

The last hollyhock

Tenaciously faces the afternoon sun. We enjoy passing it every time we drive by with Boris, our forklift.

I went to the official ribbon cutting for the revamped OLCC warehouse a few weeks back, and was tickled by this display in their front hall.

People know it's either henna or green walnuts. I just can't stand to wear gloves, and like how this visual shows what we make is hand made.

At farmer's markets I've heard tales of enforced walnut picking marring many a childhood, of homemade batches of nocino aging away in some distant cabinet, and encountered many tasters wanting to see if what they made is how nocino should taste.

The nuts and spices are marinating in a barrel we got from Cooper's Hall.  We plan to release this batch of Nocino in time for Thanksgiving, but meanwhile we have plenty left in the tasting room, and our Nocino is also available in liquor stores.

We've also been busy cutting apricots for the Biggs Junction Liqueur.  We got a dozen boxes from Kimberly, Oregon, a town at the confluence of the John Day and North Fork of the John Day Rivers. We've had occasion to pass by there on rafting trips. Sebastian has pegged Kimberly's orchards as a perfect habitat for amazing apricots, but the crop had been poor for the last several years. Now Sebastian is vindicated!

These are Robadas (on the yellow cutting board) and the season for this varietal has run its course. We eagerly anticipate next week's Kimberly harvest of Blenheim 'cots, which Ken, our fruit conduit at Grower's Outlet, swears is the best tasting apricot ever!

Closed July 4th

Awnings in the evening breeze
Stone Barn Brandyworks is closed on July 4th as we will be at the Portland Waterfront Blues festival dancing at the Front Porch stage.   Heard the Goodfoot Allstars there on Friday night doing a hot set of their James Brown numbers.  Carlton Jackson is simply awesome.

Liv Warfield was sensational on Saturday, with two guitarists from Prince's group. We biked back over the Tillicum Bridge a few times.  

And one more time on the 4th after cutting a barrel full of green walnuts to see the final set of Curtis Salgado crooning- enjoyed his new song "walk in my Blues...."
See you next weekend!

Barrel #23 released- our newest Straight Rye

I'm just about to bike down to the distillery on Fathers Day to make a rye mash to soak this year's Nocino crop.  The green walnuts are growing relentlessly, and we'll need to pick them before the July 4 Blues Festival.  But first, here's a quick note about our newest Rye Whiskey -

Straight rye is preferred for a Stone Barn Sazerac

Barrel #23, three years in charred A & K American Oak Barrels from Higbee, Missouri.  The mash bill is predominantly Rye (72%), some wheat (22%), and the balance equal parts oat and German pilsner barley malt.  Half the Whiskey spent Year Three in the barrel that our Pinot Noir "Port" was aged in. So technically, its a straight rye, with a hint of Stone Barn "port" barrel aging.

We bottled approximately 486 bottles, a mix of fifths and Farmer's Market 375 ml stubbies.  The color is dark caramel, a touch sweet and seriously spicy, bottled at 90 proof.  It hasn't been released to the liquor stores yet, as there are still some of the last bottling of "Chocolate" rye floating around the store shelves and we thought it confusing to have two markedly different straight ryes out at the same time.   But I feel we need to have a rye at the tasting room and the farmers markets.....

2016's Corbett rhubarb is delicious and our Oregon Blush Rhubarb Liqueur is now available in Stone Barn's tasting room! 

you can now order five stone barn products on line!!!


We have signed on with Ezra's in Washington, D.C. Using the link above, you can order our spirits and have them shipped directly to you!
These are the states Ezra's can ship to:
Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington DC, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.
(the other states are unfortunately prohibited) 

Distillery Row's "The Cocktail Demystified"

2016 Cocktail Demystified was a rush-   At Stone Barn, we served mini-Sazeracs, which take me to New Orleans every time.  There's a multitude of ways to make a Sazerac- here's the one we enjoyed today:

  • 1 1/2 oz Rye Whiskey (we used the straight rye, port-barrel aged which is going to be released in June)
  • 1/3 oz pinot noir brandy
  • spoon of cardamom simple syrup
  • 3 splashes Peychaude's Bitters
  • 1 splash Angostura Bitters

stir in a glass with ice

served in a glass rinsed with Stone Barn Ouzo
lemon twist.

Barrel 29- 100% Oat Whiskey

Barrel 29 is a 2.5 year old whiskey that was barreled in an 36 gallon  'alligator char' Missouri Oak barrel made in Higbee, MO.  It is a single barrel whiskey, filled September 27, 2013 and released April 19, 2016.

We had departed from the Missouri barrels for a while, due to an earthquake in Napa, and the subsequent shortage of wooden barrels there.  Production at our barrel maker was  allocated to restoring the California wineries all of a sudden. We've recently renewed contact and just ordered a set of four 53 gallon whiskey barrels, because everything from their barrels has been tasting so good.

The oat mash was stone ground oat from Bob's.  The mash was fermented and distilled over a period June-August 2013, interspersed between Bing cherries, apricot,  and chocolate rye.  From the notebooks, it looks like it was a busy summer.

We've bottled a total of 19 cases of 375 ml 'farmers market' stubbies, and 8 cases of 750 ml fifths at 90 proof.  For the record, we did a chill filtration.  Its a beautiful color and is tasting great.

For our whiskey club members, we are doing a special bottling of the whiskey at barrel strength, approximately 118 proof.  This special bottling has a limited run and is filtered at room temperature only. 

Stone Barn will be participating in the launch of this new market!  Flea + Food is a combination of local makers- (of libations among others), vintage goods purveyors, and a food cart pod.  Come to the transformed parking lot at the intersection of SE Salmon and SE 6th avenue between 11-4 on Sunday, April 24th to check it out!


At home, things are full tilt blooming, and we are hoping the hollyhock seeds Sebastian planted on the side of the distillery will bear flowers this season.
Stone Barn will be closed Easter Sunday.
Normal hours will resume Monday, March 28th.

Contract Distilling

Stone Barn Brandyworks specializes in contract distilling for the regional winery & cider-making industries. Many local producers are interested in fortifying wines in a port-style or making vermouths, Vin Doux , or pommeau and may be reluctant to utilize generic grape spirits or neutral grain spirits of undetermined origin. Using your own wines to produce spirits is a true alternative.

We use our German -made brandy still to distill the wine you provide us, and return high-proof spirits (155-165 proof) to you in bond.

Stone Barn Brandyworks has a long track-record of producing exceptional spirits from wines and ciders which retain the character and integrity of the vineyard and orchard of origin.

Please contact distillers Andy Garrison or Sebastian Degens for more information and rate quotes. We will consult with you on your project with discretion.  Distilling references happily provided.

Oregon's Finest
Created by Bartender Joel Schmeck at Irving Street Kitchen

.75 oz Old Overholdt or your favorite Oregon Rye Whiskey
.75 oz Laird's Bonded
.5 oz Stone Barn Brandyworks Nocino
3 dashes Peychaud Bitters
3 dashes Cinnamon Bitters

Method:  Stir with ice and strain
Glasswork:  Small Rocks
Garnish:  Absinthe Rinse, Express Lemon, Sprig of Rosemary

Nocino & Coffee

Hail in the evening, out my window
An early spring is deceiving- We've had the roll-up doors open, read the Sunday paper in the sun, and served summer citrus cocktails.

But home with a cold, watching hail streaming down, doing the monthly distillery paperwork, the summer feels yet far away.  We'll have those icy cocktails later, but while its still cold-  here's the drink to try:

Coffee Regia
(after Juglands Regia, the Latin name for the walnuts we use)-

  • 2 oz Nocino
  • 8 oz of fresh brewed coffee
  • top with steamed milk and some cinnamon.

The nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla,and walnut spices in the Nocino are delightful, the steam and aromas lift spirits on a sultry day.

Drinks for a rainy day

Carl & Camille Lewis from Ladyhill Winery in St. Paul stopped in the other day and were telling me about an elaborate drink he was making with our rye.  It's named "Carl's GBD".

Sounded delicious and I post it here (with his permission) for you to consider or for inspiration.

In my case, while looking at the Suze Liqueur on the shelf, I spied a bottle of Averna which I had been wanting to buy for some time.  So I built a cocktail around Averna, a twist on the classic Boulevardier, to enjoy last night.

Carl's GBD (Golden, brown, & delicious)

2oz Stone Barn rye
1/4oz Stone Barn Nocino
1/4oz Suze ( a French aperitif made from gentian root)
1/4oz Zirbenz (an Austrian "Stone Pine liqueur of the Alps")
1/4oz Becherovka (from Czech Republic, an herbal digestive that makes one think of a wintery holiday)

Stir ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and pour into a cocktail glass. (The one pictured is garnished with the Lewis' home-made dehydrated blood orange disc)

Rainy Boulevard

1 shot Rye
3/4 shot Averna amaro siciliano
3/4 shot Cocchi Vermouth di Torino

I put it in a glass with 2 ice cubes and swirl it as I walk around the kitchen thinking about what to make for dinner.

Stone Barn Offers Rye Distilling Workshop Sunday, March 20, 2016

This spring class will allow whiskey-enthusiasts to participate first hand in the making of a small batch of rye whiskey over the course of a Sunday in a small craft distillery in the heart of SE Portland.  We plan on addressing the basics of making whiskey from scratch- 

Join distiller Andy Garrison and Stuart Ramsey of  Ramsay’s Dram, Academy of Whisky. as they demonstrate the fine art of rye whiskey-making.

The Workshop will be held Sunday March 20 9:30-4.

The class includes lunch. There will be educational tastings throughout the day of spirits in the works and finished whiskies to demonstrate a process or illustrate a point. 

For more information click here.

Brewstillery February 27, 12-8 at Stormbreaker, 832 N. Beech in Portland!!

Stone Barn's Andy Garrison is teaming up with the Commons for this Brewery/Distillery festival. Our Nocino will be paired with the Commons' Pumpernickel Rye Saison. Both are tradition-inspired drinks (Italian Nocino and Scandinavian Kvass) and share a backbone of rye.  The richness of our Nocino is a great match with the tartness of the Common's farmhouse yeast, and the spice profiles of each beverage marry together beautifully. We hope you will join us for this palette-pleasing event and try many of the combinations.  Just make sure to sample the Commons/Stone Barn duo "Nuts and Spices"!

Stone Barn Joins this Year's Southeast Portland Art Walk!

We hope you'll stop by Adrienne Stacey's pottery studio as you are doing the Southeast Art Walk, on 3434 SE Brooklyn Ave. At her place you can taste Stone Barn's Quince Liqueur, Nocino, and Straight Rye Whiskey while you mingle with some fantastic ceramics.

First Weekend of the Month- Cocktail Demo at Distillery Row


Rye waiting for labels
This is the first in a series where on the first weekend of each month, each distillery in Distillery Row features their own version of the same cocktail so you enjoy the variations at each tasting room, see how you can craft a classic cocktail using a variety of spirits, and even to learn how to make ‘em.

Green Walnuts, June 2015

At Stone Barn we will be making the Midnight Manhattan, using our Rye and our Nocino.  The Nocino, a pinot noir brandy based bitter spirit, takes the place of vermouth in a classic Manahattan.  Alternatively, one might blend the two in order to calibrate to one's own taste.

Erika and I just got back from Hamburg, Germany.  Winter Fischmarkt on Sundays is a blast- beer and fried flounder at 6 AM.  We also enjoyedbuying alcohol in bulk from glass dispensers in some liquor stores-  I sampled several grappas (whisky was being sold that way too).  This has put me in the mood to use grappa-soaked raisins as a Manhattan garnish while they last.

Hamburg Winter Sunday Fishmarkt at Dawn

Regular Winter hours at the tasting room all weekend, even with the Super Bowl.