Barrel 29- 100% Oat Whiskey

Barrel 29 is a 2.5 year old whiskey that was barreled in an 36 gallon  'alligator char' Missouri Oak barrel made in Higbee, MO.  It is a single barrel whiskey, filled September 27, 2013 and released April 19, 2016.

We had departed from the Missouri barrels for a while, due to an earthquake in Napa, and the subsequent shortage of wooden barrels there.  Production at our barrel maker was  allocated to restoring the California wineries all of a sudden. We've recently renewed contact and just ordered a set of four 53 gallon whiskey barrels, because everything from their barrels has been tasting so good.

The oat mash was stone ground oat from Bob's.  The mash was fermented and distilled over a period June-August 2013, interspersed between Bing cherries, apricot,  and chocolate rye.  From the notebooks, it looks like it was a busy summer.

We've bottled a total of 19 cases of 375 ml 'farmers market' stubbies, and 8 cases of 750 ml fifths at 90 proof.  For the record, we did a chill filtration.  Its a beautiful color and is tasting great.

For our whiskey club members, we are doing a special bottling of the whiskey at barrel strength, approximately 118 proof.  This special bottling has a limited run and is filtered at room temperature only.