Barrel #23 released- our newest Straight Rye

I'm just about to bike down to the distillery on Fathers Day to make a rye mash to soak this year's Nocino crop.  The green walnuts are growing relentlessly, and we'll need to pick them before the July 4 Blues Festival.  But first, here's a quick note about our newest Rye Whiskey -

Straight rye is preferred for a Stone Barn Sazerac

Barrel #23, three years in charred A & K American Oak Barrels from Higbee, Missouri.  The mash bill is predominantly Rye (72%), some wheat (22%), and the balance equal parts oat and German pilsner barley malt.  Half the Whiskey spent Year Three in the barrel that our Pinot Noir "Port" was aged in. So technically, its a straight rye, with a hint of Stone Barn "port" barrel aging.

We bottled approximately 486 bottles, a mix of fifths and Farmer's Market 375 ml stubbies.  The color is dark caramel, a touch sweet and seriously spicy, bottled at 90 proof.  It hasn't been released to the liquor stores yet, as there are still some of the last bottling of "Chocolate" rye floating around the store shelves and we thought it confusing to have two markedly different straight ryes out at the same time.   But I feel we need to have a rye at the tasting room and the farmers markets.....