Barrel 19 Release

We've recently released our newest single barrel whiskey-   It’s our Barrel #19, aged 3 years 10 months in a medium toasted white-oak barrel from East Bernstadt Cooperage in Kentucky.  The whiskey is light caramel in color in an Irish whiskey style.

Bottles of whiskey arranged for labeling
The mash bill is 60% rye, 25% oat, 10 % spelt and the balance some wheat and barley that slipped in. It was a 60 gallon barrel that produced a total of 561 bottles in both 375 ml and 750 sizes.  We bottled it all at 90 proof.

The whiskey is being sold under our “Hopping Eights” label, to avoid confusion with some of the straight rye that is still out there.  It’s marked as Barrel #19.  Unfortunately we are now completely sold out of Straight Rye (Barrel #23) at the tasting room.