Distilllery Row Passport can now be purchased on-line

The Distillery Row Passport is a convenient and fun way to visit 11 distilleries in SouthEast Portland and 3 in the northwest.  There is a bonus 12 th distillery included in the electronic version.  Interested?  Buy it here now:  DISTILLERY ROW PASSPORT

We love apples-

Apples waiting to be mashed in 2014
After a three years of waiting, a barrel of apple brandy is finally ready and we bottled half of it over the past weekend.  Its a very special blend of over 8,000 pounds of Rome, Sonata, and Gala apples from both Wells Orchard in Hood River and EZ Orchards in Salem, mashed in 2014 and 2015.

We moved the brandy from two american oak casks to a french oak barrel refurbished and retoasted by reWine in Salem in 2015,  and it set to mellow for a year in the french oak barrel to good effect.

Bottles to be labeled in 2017

Apple brandy was one of the first spirits made in the American colonies, but has been forgotten.  We bought a bottle of Hudson Valley Applejack after tasting it at a Farmers Market in Rhinecliff in Upstate New York this winter (Cornelius Apple Jack), and it got us in the mood.

We're trying cocktails with the Orgeat syrup from the Bitter Housewive, and think the almond & apple flavors go well together.


Haskap Liqueur is back at Stone Barn

2016 harvest bottled

We've bottled the 2016 harvest of haskap berries which we obtained from breeder and grower Shinji Kawai in the Eugene area. 298 bottles were produced.

The haskap berries, also known as blue honeysuckle, are new to the Willamette Valley, first introduced in 2000 and are still being tested by horticulturalists. The variety we use is of the Japanese subspecies emphyllocalyx.

We like its deep blue color, the tart berry taste is a blend of caneberry (logan, black, and raspberry) with cranberry and black current notes. We think it would fit nicely wherever Creme de Cassis is used.  Brother Phil drinks it with bourbon.