Contract Distilling

Stone Barn Brandyworks specializes in contract distilling for the regional winery & cider-making industries. Many local producers are interested in fortifying wines in a port-style or making vermouths, Vin Doux , or pommeau and may be reluctant to utilize generic grape spirits or neutral grain spirits of undetermined origin. Using your own wines to produce spirits is a true alternative.

We use our German -made brandy still to distill the wine you provide us, and return high-proof spirits (155-165 proof) to you in bond.

Stone Barn Brandyworks has a long track-record of producing exceptional spirits from wines and ciders which retain the character and integrity of the vineyard and orchard of origin.

Please contact distillers Andy Garrison or Sebastian Degens for more information and rate quotes. We will consult with you on your project with discretion.  Distilling references happily provided.