Fall comes with Star Crimson Liqueuer

We've been across the aisle from each other for several months now at the Portland Farmers Market. During peach season we purchased 15 cases of delicious, juicy peaches  from their stand to make a barrel of Peach Rock & Rye for next year.  A few weeks later, gorgeous Star Crimson Pears.

We made the Star Crimson Pear liqueur in September at 40 proof in 375 ml bottles.  We are only selling these at the Farmers Markets and at our tasting room.  The Star Crimson pears come from Packer Orchards in Hood River.   Established in 1924, Packer Orchards is a 4th generation sustainable family farm, farming over 100 acres across the valley.

The spirit for the liqueur is a Bartlett Pear brandy which we make from fantastic pears grown in the Willamette Valley by EZ Orchards, another family farm with a long history in the Salem area.  The first bins of this year's crop are ripening in our shop and will be mashed to make more brandy for the coming year.

Star Crimson Pear Liqueur- $30.00 per bottle.  Perfect for pear martinis, pear bellinis, pear sidecars.

Hand-picked Peach Rock & Rye

Peach Rock & Rye- released Sept 9
And now for something a bit different..... Stone Barn is releasing a Peach Rock & Rye.    Rock & Rye is a whiskey-based liqueur that was more common pre-prohibition, rock candy being used to improve a lesser rye perhaps.  From what we've read, it was sometimes spiced to improve its palatability,

We liked the name and felt we could work within the Federal classification scheme with our own new & revised rocking interpretation.

Erika picked several hundred pounds of peaches at the top of the season last year. We washed & cut the peaches, then shoved them into the bung holes of two oak barrels. We added our organic rye and then it aged for a year.  Earlier this summer, we filtered, racked, and settled the spirit, then blended the minimum amount of organic cane sugar to make it fit the classification.  It does rock!-   bottled at 76 proof and released today, we hope you like it.

Some drink ideas:  Juleps, sours- This weekend we are going to experiment with a spicy take on peaches using Ancho Reyes, a Mexican ancho pepper liqueur gifted by a friend.