This weekend, December 2 & 3, Stone Barn will be at three Portland events!!! 
(in addition to regular tasting room hours!!!!)

WoodWorker Market 2017

ADX's 6th annual holiday fair!

417 SE 11th Avenue
Saturday, December 2nd, 11 am-7 pm 
Free Entry- all ages welcome.
Featuring a vast array of local vendors and their offerings.

Barrel #31 Released- Straight Spelt

We've just released a straight Spelt whiskey, Barrel #31. The mash bill for this is 100% Spelt, grown in Washington State, and sourced from Bob's Red Mill in Milwaukie Oregon.  We made this whiskey in January, 2014, and put it in a 30 gallon new Missouri oak barrel manufactured by A & K Cooperage in Higbee, MO.  This whiskey is three months shy of 4 years old.

Barrel #31 is Stone Barn's 3rd release of Straight Spelt whiskey-  Barrel #6 and Barrel # 10 were released in 2012 and 2014 respectively.  We've always appreciated the grain expression of the spelt- sweet, but decidedly more interesting than its more cultivated relative wheat.  During the mashing process it has a distinct and unusual asparagus aroma, which totally dissapears after fermentation. However, spelt maintains a slight and pleasant grassiness as a distillate.

We've bottled this at 100 proof, and produced 307 bottles in the 375ml size.



Thanksgiving Day:  10 am - 3 pm.
Friday, November 24: 12pm- 6 pm.
Saturday, November 25:  12 pm- 6 pm.
Sunday, November 26:  12 pm- 6 pm.
Monday, November 27:  12 pm- 6 pm.

Christmas/New Years

Wed , December 20: 12 pm - 7 pm.
Thursday, December 21:  12 pm- 7 pm.
Friday, December 22:  12 pm - 7 pm.
Saturday, December 23:  12 pm- 7 pm.

Sunday, December 24 (Christmas Eve):  11 am - 3 pm.
Monday, December 25:  Closed.
Thursday, December 28:  12 pm- 7 pm.
Friday, December 29:  12 pm - 7 pm.
Saturday, December 30:  12 pm - 7 pm.
Sunday, December 31 (New Years Eve):  11 am - 3 pm.
Monday, January 1, 2018:  Closed.    HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Quince Liqueur Ready!!!!

This year's Quince Liqueur had four fruit sources:  Orchards of Oregon in Wilsonville, with the bonus of a chestnut tree grove we got the okay to scavenge; a woman desperate to have her quince put to good use - I obliged and picked the tree in her backyard, careful to avoid falling into the swimming pool next to my ladder; our friend from Plum Tree, who uses our Quince Liqueur in her Quince Jam connected us with a dwarf  tree owner in NE Portland- we didn't even need a ladder! and lastly, our favorite, the tree near our old house, where we are grandfathered in as pickers.

I will be tasting and doing bottle sales of the Quince at the PSU Saturday Farmers Market on November 4 and at King Market November 5, and the liqueur is also available in our tasting room.