Quince Liqueur Ready!!!!

This year's Quince Liqueur had four fruit sources:  Orchards of Oregon in Wilsonville, with the bonus of a chestnut tree grove we got the okay to scavenge; a woman desperate to have her quince put to good use - I obliged and picked the tree in her backyard, careful to avoid falling into the swimming pool next to my ladder; our friend from Plum Tree, who uses our Quince Liqueur in her Quince Jam connected us with a dwarf  tree owner in NE Portland- we didn't even need a ladder! and lastly, our favorite, the tree near our old house, where we are grandfathered in as pickers.

I will be tasting and doing bottle sales of the Quince at the PSU Saturday Farmers Market on November 4 and at King Market November 5, and the liqueur is also available in our tasting room.