The Italian Job

We received a surprise note that the nocino barrel had been tapped and the cider was excellent.  What were those spices making up the complex profile?  We rushed over to Cider Riot! on a rainy afternoon earlier this week to tip a glass with Abram.  

It's an "Italian Job" he said, taking a break with us from refilling the barrel-  about 100 pounds of walnuts, spices, and nocino spirit (pinot noir brandy & rye) will likely flavor and fortify a second batch of cider, we think. 

The first glass was extremely fine- dark & dry, festive, strong and delightfully refreshing.  The aroma is a blend of the crisp cider apples, the walnut, vanilla and hint of clove from the nocino spices. Its on tap at Cider Riot!'s pub on Couch Street.

There are other 2017 Nocino barrels out there with surprises in store for us-  we seeded the beverage industry with 5 barrels- one for a whiskey, two for beer, and one went to a winery, our version of a 'guest tap' program.  Looking forward to the liquid collaborations....