Stone Barn to participate in upcoming Distillery Row Craft Distillery Appreciation Classes!

Portland’s Distillery Row is presenting a hands-on, tasting-oriented series of classes over a two day period in the winter of 2012. Participants will have an opportunity to get an inside look at distilleries, meet the distillers, and learn about the process of making artisanal spirits.

  • Sunday February 12, 2012, from 10-4
  • Sunday February 19, 2012, from 10-4

The cost for the classes is just $250 for both days, with a catered lunch provided on the 12th.

The two day course will span two consecutive Sundays with participants traveling between the distilleries to learn about such topics as:

  • Orientation to distillery equipment and distillation processes
  • Barreling and aging spirits
  • Fermentation & basic mash techniques
  • Making the cut and proofing of spirits
  • mixology

The classes will focus on the sensory aspects of craft distilling and are intended to appeal to both those with technical interests, as well as those who simply appreciate spirits and want to understand the spirit-making process better. Participants will be exposed to the nuances of making such spirits as gin, vodka, whiskies, rum, and brandies & liqueurs.

Following the final session, we’ll repair to the Rum Club for a Happy Hour, featuring Distillery Row cocktails, as well as mixing and mingling with the distillers.

Limited to 20 participants.

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