The coffee liqueur is a blend of El Salvadoran coffee by the name of “Nombre de Dios”, and a coffee from Yemen. The El Salvadoran is estate grown, the Yemeni will vary based on availability. According to Joey Gleason, our coffee roaster at Marigold from next door, the Yemeni is remarkable in that it is from an ancient coffee-growing region where people have a culture of drinking coffee. The Yemen is wild, dark, and spicy- whereas that from El Salvador has the velvety elegance reminiscent of a German Conditorei (cafe).

We infuse a house-distilled pinot noir brandy and pear/apple spirit with the fresh roasted coffee.  Other seasons we may substitute the apple with cherry or plum spirits.  However, the coffee liqueur relies on only fruit-based alcohol, no grain spirits used of any kind.  Blend in some Madagascar vanilla, cinnamon and invert sugar to make the liqueur. It has notes of chocolate, citrus, orient, and tobacco. We expect you will find the mix intriguing.