Stone Barn Brandyworks Ouzo was our reinvention of the spirit the Mediteranean- answering the question, how would we make a strong drink with only the local ingredients one might find on an island like Ikarria?  We took grape pomace and made a rough grappa, then redistilled with a moroccan green anise and a touch of spearmint to fool your palate into thinking it was sweet.

Its anise is delicate, not so overbearing as to louche at the touch of water.  The grappa base gives it a slight fruitiness and bitterness that makes it a good substitute for absinthe in several cocktails.  
We make this once a year when the pinot gris is harvested and pressed off for wine.

Great on ice straight, or in a cocktail.

Cocktail Recipes:

  1. Stone Barn Sazerac