Pear and Aged Whiskey, Served with Soup Course
2 oz Stone Barn Brandy Works Hoppin’ Eights Barrel #10
*2 oz Fresh Pear Juice with Pectin
½ oz Fresh Lemon Juice

Shake or Stir Pear Juice prior to mixing cocktail, then add all ingredients to shaker. Shake well and serve over fresh ice in high ball (bucket) glass.

*To juice the pears and keep the pectin intact, I used my Juiceman Jr. Any press style juicer will work. For every 3 pears juiced, I juiced one lemon. The lemon will keep the pear juice from turning brown immediately, but it will still brown within an hour. It still tastes delicious. The lemon juice in the recipe is separate from the lemons juiced into the pears!