Quincy Gin Cocktail, Served with Main Course
½ oz. Stone Barn Brandy Works Quince Liqueur
1 oz New Deal Gin #33 (I prefer a light, dry and floral style such as the #33, but any floral gin will work well with the Quince Liqueur)
*¾ oz Turbinado Rosemary Simple Syrup
garnish with a small sprig of fresh rosemary

Gently stir all ingredients over ice, strain into apertif glass. Garnish.

To make the Turbinado Rosemary Simple Syrup, dissolve 1 cup Turbinado Sugar (you can use Demerarra) into 1 cup very hot water. Add a large fresh sprig of rosemary. Chill, after the sugar is completely dissolved. Sample the essence an hour later, and if the rosemary is pungent, remove it. If the rosemary smells faint after an hour, add another fresh sprig. Do not leave the sprigs in for more than a night, the rosemary will turn acrid. Strain through cheesecloth before using.