Stuart Ramsey ( and Stone Barn Brandyworks present:
RYE- A March 20th Workshop for whiskey-aficionados:
This spring class will allow whiskey-enthusiasts to participate first hand in the making of a small batch of whiskey over the course of a Sunday in a small craft distillery in the heart of SE Portland.  We plan on addressing the basics of making whiskey from scratch- using an organic rye flour from Bob’s Red Mill to make a mash. Once the mash is started, we will distill a rye mash prepared in advance and explore the mysteries of separating heads from the heart and tail.  At Stone Barn we ferment and distill “on-the-grain”, meaning the fermented mash goes into the pot still in its entirety.  In this way, participants will be able to experience the entire 10 day process in a single workshop day.

Throughout the day, Stone Barn distiller Andy Garrison will demonstrate the practical aspects of making whiskey- inviting participants to have a stir, smell, and taste in all aspects of the process.  Andy will discuss the intricacies of proofing spirits, making the cuts, and barrel aging. You will find a rich sensory experience in a day at the distillery.  Rye from various stages of barrel development will be sampled from Stone Barn’s stock, from unaged to mature, with stops along the way (6 mos, 1 yr, 2 yr etc.).

There are quiet moments while the still gets up to temperature or the mash cools.  During these times, the class will take advantage of Ramsay’s Dram, Academy of Whisky.   Few appreciate whiskey more than Stuart Ramsay- He will share his extensive knowledge and sensory investigation of the history, culture, production methods of whiskies, particularly American whiskies (rye and bourbon) and what he has termed ‘Cascadian Craft Whiskies’ . 
The Rye Workshop will be held Sunday March 20th, 2016 from 9:30-4:00.
The class includes lunch, enjoyed around a large working table. There will be educational tastings throughout the day of spirits in the works and finished whiskies to demonstrate a process or illustrate a point. 
Cost of the class is $250 per person, and class size will be limited to 10 people.
Stone Barn Whisky Club members will get a discount of $25 for the class.    

If interested, please call us at (503) 341-2227 or send an email to: