Thanksgiving 2015 Report

Thanksgiving 2015 Report

We are sending our Thanksgiving greetings to all our readers.  Its a crisp autumn day in Portland.   Family is assembling: daughter, niece, nephew, brother, sister (in-law), friends.  We will cook a ‘sasquatched’ turkey (spine removed and flattened in a roasting pan).

Chocolate Rye in 750 ml bottles

But first we plan a walk to the distillery to label Nocino, Whiskey, Quince Liqueur, and our pinot noir port which are being sold at the Black Friday event.

On Saturday I’ll be pouring at Winter’s Hill Estates in Dundee, Oregon from 11-5 PM. The Pinot Noir Ice Wine that was base for the 2 year old port was grown on the Winter’s Hill estate, situated on a beautiful mountain in wine country.

While cleaning the table to make room for the turkey dinner, we found the following two drink recipes scratched on a dog-eared pad of paper.  I remember enjoying them and think I’ll offer them tonight:

Pan American Clipper

2 oz Apple Brandy
1/2 oz Lemon
1/2 oz cherry cordial
bar spoon of ouzo

Tilly Jane

13/4 oz pear brandy
3/4 oz dolin blanc
1/2 oz cynar
1 tsp ginger liqueur
2 dashes Regan bitters

Our cheers go out to friends and family in Germany, New York, Vietnam, and Seattle whom we miss dearly.