First Weekend of the Month- Cocktail Demo at Distillery Row

First Weekend of the Month- Cocktail Demo at Distillery Row


Rye waiting for labels

This is the first in a series where on the first weekend of each month, each distillery in Distillery Row features their own version of the same cocktail so you enjoy the variations at each tasting room, see how you can craft a classic cocktail using a variety of spirits, and even to learn how to make ‘em.

Green Walnuts, June 2015

At Stone Barn we will be making the Midnight Manhattan, using our Rye and our Nocino.  The Nocino, a pinot noir brandy based bitter spirit, takes the place of vermouth in a classic Manahattan.  Alternatively, one might blend the two in order to calibrate to one’s own taste.

Erika and I just got back from Hamburg, Germany.  Winter Fischmarkt on Sundays is a blast- beer and fried flounder at 6 AM.  We also enjoyedbuying alcohol in bulk from glass dispensers in some liquor stores-  I sampled several grappas (whisky was being sold that way too).  This has put me in the mood to use grappa-soaked raisins as a Manhattan garnish while they last.

Hamburg Winter Sunday Fishmarkt at Dawn

Regular Winter hours at the tasting room all weekend, even with the Super Bowl.