Drinks for a rainy day

Drinks for a rainy day

Carl & Camille Lewis from Ladyhill Winery in St. Paul stopped in the other day and were telling me about an elaborate drink he was making with our rye.  It’s named “Carl’s GBD”.

Sounded delicious and I post it here (with his permission) for you to consider or for inspiration.

In my case, while looking at the Suze Liqueur on the shelf, I spied a bottle of Averna which I had been wanting to buy for some time.  So I built a cocktail around Averna, a twist on the classic Boulevardier, to enjoy last night.

Carl’s GBD (Golden, brown, & delicious)

2oz Stone Barn rye
1/4oz Stone Barn Nocino
1/4oz Suze ( a French aperitif made from gentian root)
1/4oz Zirbenz (an Austrian “Stone Pine liqueur of the Alps”)
1/4oz Becherovka (from Czech Republic, an herbal digestive that makes one think of a wintery holiday)

Stir ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and pour into a cocktail glass. (The one pictured is garnished with the Lewis’ home-made dehydrated blood orange disc)

Rainy Boulevard
1 shot Rye
3/4 shot Averna amaro siciliano
3/4 shot Cocchi Vermouth di Torino
I put it in a glass with 2 ice cubes and swirl it as I walk around the kitchen thinking about what to make for dinner.