Nocino & Coffee

Nocino & Coffee

Hail in the evening, out my window

An early spring is deceiving- We’ve had the roll-up doors open, read the Sunday paper in the sun, and served summer citrus cocktails.

But home with a cold, watching hail streaming down, doing the monthly distillery paperwork, the summer feels yet far away.  We’ll have those icy cocktails later, but while its still cold-  here’s the drink to try:

Coffee Regia
(after Juglands Regia, the Latin name for the walnuts we use)-

  • 2 oz Nocino
  • 8 oz of fresh brewed coffee
  • top with steamed milk and some cinnamon.

The nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla,and walnut spices in the Nocino are delightful, the steam and aromas lift spirits on a sultry day.