Fall is the time to distill as much as possible….

Fall is the time to distill as much as possible….

The still is running 10-14 hours per day, seven days a week, cranking out brandy.  We have been picking quince at dusk, the steam from the simmering fruit spices the air at Stone Barn on Pershing Street.  The Bartlett pears are fermenting into a potent mash.  We are pulling from our barrels and blending, proofing, bottling. 

Fall is the time where harvest collides with the itinerant storms that seem to increase the thirst for brandies and sipping whiskies. 

We’ve been escaping to Winter’s Hill in wine country, up atop the Dundee Hills- tasting brandies and finishing off with a bottle of estate-grown Pinot.

Today we were visited by Hai Nguyun and his running group-  while others sampled pinot gris and our nocino, Hai took some awesome pictures in the winery.  Photo’s courtesy of Hai Nguyun.

We’ll be back in December on 12-9 for Winter’s Hill’s Holiday Bazaar!