Barrel 46, our new Bourbon

Barrel 46, our new Bourbon

510 bottles produced

Stone Barn Brandyworks is excited to announce the release of its first-ever Straight Bourbon Whiskey, made entirely from organic Oregon-grown grain. This single barrel bourbon (Barrel #46) was mashed, fermented, and distilled at Stone Barn Brandyworks and aged in a new charred American oak cask for three years.

Head distiller Andy Garrison says he first got interested in making bourbon after reading a book by Anthony Boutard, farmer at Ayers Creek Farm in Gaston OR, called Beautiful Corn. “I read it in a single sitting on Christmas Day, and I was totally enraptured by the world of corn,” says Andy. “We’d worked with all these unusual grains like spelt, oats, and buckwheat, but never corn and I got excited about it.”

Applying the same regional lens used to produce Stone Barn’s brandies and fruit liqueurs,  Andy set about sourcing local organic grain for Stone Barn’s first batch of bourbon in 2015. The mash bill for this barrel is a unique mix of 59% organic corn from Milton-Freewater, 29% organic wheat from Camas Country Mill in Eugene, and 12% organic dark rye, also from Camas Country Mill.

“Usually in bourbon distillers pick one: either wheat or rye,” he says, “But I think they’re great together. The wheat makes it very soft, sweet, and lush on the entry, and the spice of rye comes in at the finish to dry things out and adds a savory element.”

After 3 years of aging in a charred oak barrel from Kelvin Cooperage, the bourbon was bottled at 94 proof without chill-filtration. The resultant whiskey is bright and approachable, with abundant fruit and caramel notes and an elegant, full mouthfeel. This first barrel of Oregon Bourbon Whiskey is available now in 375 ml bottles ($30) at Stone Barn’s tasting room in Southeast Portland and farmer’s market events.  A limited number of 750ml bottles were also produced for Stone Barn whiskey Club members.