Our Story

Meet Our Team

Sebastian and Erika Degens, Founders

Husband-and-wife team Sebastian and Erika Degens are the founders of Stone Barn Brandyworks. Sebastian spent much of his childhood in Germany, and developed a palate for fruit brandy in Hamburg as a teenager. Erika grew up in the countryside of upstate New York, oblivious to the delights of alcohol but already well down the rabbit hole of fruit and berry connoisseurship. Erika and Sebastian first discovered Portland on a road trip north from California, and landed here to stay on a cold November day in 1980. They quickly joined the Mycological Society and began foraging for chanterelles. This delight in Pacific Northwest abundance soon expanded into fruit, vegetables, and home canning chutneys, jams, and preserves.. These early experiences have become a lifelong appreciation for the remarkable bounty of the Pacific Northwest, and are reflected in the business they began together.

Andy Garrison, Head Distiller

Originally from Chicago, Andy Garrison has been Stone Barn’s lead distiller since 2012. His insatiable appetite for technical white papers and cooperage conference proceedings keeps the ideas flowing, especially when it comes to Stone Barn’s whiskey program. Inspired by global spirits traditions, Andy loves a good project, whether that’s malting corn on his basement floor, fermenting koji-innoculated winter squash, or smoking his own malted wheat using decommissioned barrel staves.

Jenna Boettger Boring

Jenna started working farmers markets for Stone Barn towards the end of 2021, and we expect she will be working in our tasting room as well in the months to come! Jenna was a big fan of Stone Barn long before joining the team. She loves a good whiskey or cocktail, but especially loves the way amazing drinks tend to bring people together. When she’s not nerding out over the newest rye, you can find her teaching music classes, illustrating children’s books, or eating french fries.

Ashley Todd

Ashley first intersected with Stone Barn as manager of People’s Coop weekly farmers market, the longest running year-round farmers market in the state.  The transition to staffing a booth herself went super smoothly.
Ashley moved to Portland in 2004 and has spent over a decade working in the local food system. She is a voracious reader who loves farmers markets, roller skating, baking, and of course a well-made cocktail.