Bottled in Bond Straight Spelt whiskey Barrel #42

Bottled in Bond Straight Spelt whiskey Barrel #42

Proof: 100

Bottle Size: 750 ml

Availability: Available now.

This release is Portland’s first Bottled-in-Bond (B-i-B) whiskey, and possibly the world’s first B-i-B Spelt Whiskey. To be designated Bottled-in-Bond there are a number of requirements, most important to us is that the whiskey is the product of a single distillery (meaning made by Stone Barn, not sourced), aged at least 4 years, and bottled at 100 proof.

We distilled this in early 2015, from 100% Washington-grown spelt sourced from Bob’s Red Mill. Spelt is an ancient ancestor of wheat, with a nutty, grassy flavor that’s loved by artisan bakers. We aged the whiskey for 52 months in a #4 char Missouri oak barrel from A & K Cooperage in Higbee, MO. We’ve released several  spelt whiskies, but this is by far the oldest and unfortunately it will be the last for a long while as we foolishly stopped laying any down to age after this barrel. We were able to get 237 bottles out of the barrel, all 750 ml.  We will not be selling these at markets, but only through select liquor stores and in the tasting room to whiskey club members only.

Currently (as of November 2019) the liquor stores who carry our Spelt are:

  • Gearhart
  • NE Eugene
  • Hawthorne and 11th
  • Wheeler
  • Moreland Liquor


Cocktails Using Bottled in Bond Straight Spelt whiskey Barrel #42

We don't have any cocktails using this spirit yet. Please email us if you have a suggestion!