Barrel Aged Comice Pear Brandy

Barrel Aged Comice Pear Brandy

Proof: 84

Bottle Size: 375 ml

Ingredients: Comice pears.


This barrel aged Comice Pear Brandy is made with EZ Orchards pears which were held longer on the trees to sweeten, and this is reflected in the warmth and flavor of this spirit.

When we started making pear brandy back in 2010, we tried several varieties. We mashed bosc, bartletts, star crimsons, anjou, and red anjou pears, and then compared all the brandies.  The two we liked best were comice and bartlett.

Comice pears are incredibly juicy and sweet, and the brandy has a spiciness that whiskey drinkers in particular enjoy.

This release has aged a hair under two years, in a reconditioned French oak barrel.  Sadly it is sold out as of Summer, 2021.


Cocktails Using Barrel Aged Comice Pear Brandy