Dark Roast Rye Barrel #80

Dark Roast Rye Barrel #80

Proof: 90

Bottle Size: 375 ml and 750 ml

Ingredients: For the grains, please see the mash bill.  The barrel we used was from The Oak Cooperage, in Higbee Missourie.  It was air-dried oak with a #3 char.

Mash Bill: Organic Dark Rye- 71% Stone Ground Oats- 26 % Chocolate Rye Malt-3%

Availability: Will be available mid December 2021

This barrel of Dark Roast Rye will be ready by Christmas (2021).  We made it in the Autumn of 2017 and pulled it out of the barrel in November to slowly proof it down to bottling strength, which makes it just under 4 years old.

This one’s mash bill is a blend of rye, oat, and rye malt.  We have come to appreciate the toasty contribution oats can provide to a Rye whiskey, and we’ve had several successful barrels of rye/oat blends.

Dark Roast Rye, a Portland Style rye with a strong finish of coffee, dark chocolate, is one of our favorite products.


Cocktails Using Dark Roast Rye Barrel #80