Distillers’ Reserve Pear Brandy

Distillers’ Reserve Pear Brandy

Proof: 84

Bottle Size: 375

Availability: We'll be bottling this before the Holidays in 2021.

We’re excited about this barrel of Pear Brandy- put way in 2018-  It’s a combination of pears (Bartlett and Comice), with 15% apple brandy.  All the fruit came from EZ Orchards in Salem.  Our brandy was aged in a French oak barrel the formerly held Pommeau,  a fortified bittersweet apple spirit (sold under the name of Pomme by EZ Orchards.

We’ll be bottling this at 84 proof and hope to have it out before Christmas 2021.

Cocktails Using Distillers’ Reserve Pear Brandy

We don't have any cocktails using this spirit yet. Please email us if you have a suggestion!