Distillers’ Reserve Pear Brandy

Distillers’ Reserve Pear Brandy

Proof: 84

Bottle Size: 375 ml

Availability: Available now at the Distillery and at Farmers' Markets.

This aged pear brandy is from fragrant Bartlett pears, rounded with a touch of Comice and apple. We’re excited about this barrel of Pear Brandy- put way in 2018-  All the fruit came from EZ Orchards in Salem.  Our brandy was aged in a French oak barrel the formerly held Pommeau,  a fortified bittersweet apple spirit (sold under the name of Pomme by EZ Orchards. We get soft, sweet pear notes, caramel, country fairs, a carefree summer day.

Cocktails Using Distillers’ Reserve Pear Brandy