Haskap Liqueur

Haskap Liqueur

Proof: 40

Bottle Size: 375 ml

Ingredients: Brandy from a white wine blend produced by J. Scott Cellars in Eugene, haskap berries, organic cane sugar.

Availability: Available soon!

Our variety of Haskap berries are native to Hokkaido.  Haskaps, also called Honey berries  are an edible honeysuckle with an inky purple color, sweet-tart flavor, and very high anthocyanin content. They’re almost nonexistent in the United States, but we lucked out when we discovered a small breeding program in the Willamette Valley, and have treasured working with the farmer Shinji for many years. Unfortunately he sold his house and haskap field last year, and we were referred to West Union Gardens in Hillsboro for haskaps, which are also excellent and grown with care and integrity.

To learn more about Haskap berries and the grower we worked with, check out this article from Capital Press.

Cocktails Using Haskap Liqueur