Hoppin’ eights whiskey #38

Hoppin’ eights whiskey #38

Proof: 90

Bottle Size: 750 ml

Barrel Number: 38

Mash Bill: 50% barley (malted and unmalted),  27% rye, and the balance made up of wheat and a small amount of oats.

Barrel Type: toasted oak, then charred

Availability: We archived 2019 releases and delved into them again before the holidays.  Still a few 750's left in the tasting room!

Hoppin’ Eights Barrel # 38 is mixed grain whiskey, aged 4 3/4 years in Missouri oak that was toasted and then charred.  It has a lovely color, a proof of 90,  great nose and sweet on the palate.   This bottling was a barrel and a half in both 375 ml and 750 bottles.

Cocktails Using Hoppin’ eights whiskey #38