Limousin Rye Whiskey

Limousin Rye Whiskey

Proof: 94

Bottle Size: 375 ml.

Ingredients: 100% rye, made from Bob Red Mill's organic dark rye flour.

Barrel Type: 200 liter Limousin Oak barrel refurbished and charred by reWine in Salem.

Availability: Sold out.

Our first whiskey release of 2018 !

The French oak imparted a delightful roundness, color, and mouth feel to the spirit, with the aroma of honeycake. We did not chill filter the whiskey.

Aged 3 years; released February 2018.

Cocktails Using Limousin Rye Whiskey

We don't have any cocktails using this spirit yet. Please email us if you have a suggestion!