Oregon Straight Bourbon Whiskey Barrel #52

Oregon Straight Bourbon Whiskey Barrel #52

Proof: 94

Bottle Size: 375 ml/750

Barrel Number: 52

Mash Bill: Oregon grown Organic corn, Oregon grown organic wheat, Oregon grown/produced ale malt

Barrel Type: Heavy charred American oak

Availability: Sold out.

We are excited about our newest whiskey release, Barrel #52 Oregon Straight Bourbon. This bourbon is made from 100% Oregon-grown grain, and aged over 4 years in a full size heavily charred American oak barrel from Kelvin Cooperage, an artisan cooperage in Louisville, Kentucky. The base for this whiskey is similar to previous bourbon releases, about 58% organic yellow corn from Milton-Freewater and 33% organic club wheat from Camas Country Mill. However, for this barrel we traded out the rye component for a very aromatic pale ale Malt from Mecca Grade Estate Malt in Madras (here is a bit more on their history).

The malt component combined with the extended aging gives this whiskey a darker, denser flavor compared to our previous Bourbons, with more caramel and oak flavors and a bit less berries and fruit. This was bottled unfiltered at a robust 47% abv to stand-up to dilution from ice in a mint julep should you be able to keep a bottle until the Derby in May.

Cocktails Using Oregon Straight Bourbon Whiskey Barrel #52

We don't have any cocktails using this spirit yet. Please email us if you have a suggestion!