Peach Rock and Rye

Peach Rock and Rye

Proof: 66

Bottle Size: 375 ml/750ml

Mash Bill: Organic stone ground rye flour, peaches, organic cane sugar.

Availability: Available now!!!

Something a bit different…..Rock & Rye is a whiskey-based liqueur that was more common pre-prohibition, rock candy being used to improve a lesser rye perhaps.  From what we’ve read, it was sometimes spiced to improve its palatability,

We liked the name and felt we could work within the Federal classification scheme with our own new & revised rocking interpretation.

We wash and cut the peaches, then push them through the bung holes of oak barrels that contain our organic rye and then age the spirit.

Then we rack and settle and blend in the minimum amount of organic cane sugar to make it fit the classification.  It does rock!

Some drink ideas:  Juleps, sours- and spicy take on peaches using Ancho Reyes, a Mexican ancho pepper liqueur.

Cocktails Using Peach Rock and Rye