Quince Liqueur

Quince Liqueur

Proof: 40

Bottle Size: 375 ml and 750 ml

Ingredients: Pear Brandy, quince, organic cane sugar.

Availability: Available now.

The range of shapes and textures of the various quince are fun to examine and provide relief from the ardor of hand-chopping.  In twelve years, we have witnessed only two people eat a raw quince.  You really have to cook it to appreciate the blend of apple, pear, honey and citrus notes that are part and parcel of quince. The liqueur reflects all of these flavors and also the tartness of the quince, but with addition of minimal organic cane sugar, the tart is tempered with some sweetness.

We use our Pear Brandy to make this golden, honey-scented liqueur.

Cocktails Using Quince Liqueur