Quince Liqueur

Quince Liqueur

Proof: 40

Bottle Size: 375 ml.

Ingredients: Bartlett Pear Brandy, quince, organic cane sugar.

Availability: Late fall til we sell the last bottle. Available on line.  

Our main quince supplier is Tremaine Akley, a former champion croquet player and posessor of one of the world’s largest collections of croquet-related art. What Tremaine can’t supply, we pick locally – our unofficial motto is have ladder, will travel. In 2017, we picked quince from Northeast Portland, Woodstock neighborhood, and Ladd’s Addition. The range of shapes and textures of the various quince are fun to examine and provide relief from the ardor of hand-chopping.

We use our Bartlett Pear Brandy (and occasionally our Apple Brandy) to make this tart, honey-scented liqueur.

Cocktails Using Quince Liqueur