Shutdown Bierschnapps

Shutdown Bierschnapps

Proof: 84

Bottle Size: 750 ml


Available now.

This Shutdown Bierschnapps was distilled from a locally-brewed Porter.  The Porter was collaboration between Upright Brewing and Migration Brewing which proved untimely,- released just prior to the Governor’s Shutdown of tasting rooms in March of 2020. It was too good to let go to waste. The rich malts have produced a clear distillate with strong chocolate notes. We encourage you to enjoy it as half of a unique local boilermaker in these exceptional times. Bottled at 84 proof, 750 ml, limited run. All non-tax proceeds are given to the local non-profits Don’t Shoot Portland and Oregon Humane Society

Cocktails Using Shutdown Bierschnapps

We don't have any cocktails using this spirit yet. Please email us if you have a suggestion!