Star Crimson Liqueur

Star Crimson Liqueur

Proof: 40

Bottle Size: 375 ml

Ingredients: Pear brandy, star crimson pear, organic cane sugar.

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In our pear exploits, we found the star crimsons yield the sweetest most delicious juice. We decided to make a liqueur showcasing its flavor and delicate pink color.  We hoped this would appeal to those who love the flavor of pear and all its aromatics, but find  our European style pear brandy too strong and too dry.

We use our house-made bartlett and comice pear brandies as the alcohol base for the liqueur.  Basically we take this 84 proof spirit and blend in our star crimson reduction to result in a strength of 40 proof. To finish, we add a hint of organic cane sugar, just enough to enhance the sweetness of the liqueur but preserve and soften the bite of the alcohol.


Cocktails Using Star Crimson Liqueur