Oregon Pear Brandy

Oregon Pear Brandy

Proof: 84

Bottle Size: 375 ml


Bartlett pears, champagne yeast.


Sadly, temporarily sold out.  We'll have it again in January from this year's vintage.  In the meantime, there are bottles still at Pear Specialty, the liquor store on Hawthorne and 46th, Cedar Mills, and Moreland.

Connections, Sources, Projects: Black turkish cortado white, fair trade saucer, that cup skinny kopi-luwak sugar. Redeye, and, single origin cinnamon carajillo eu iced.

Bartlett pears are the classic brandy pear, known for their piercing pear aroma. This large, juicy pear is irresistible for eating, and has a marvelous sugar content for converting to alcohol. In the fall we can have four bins of bartlett, each containing 900 pounds of pears.  Entering the distillery, you are flooded with fragrance!

We also occasionally make a comice pear brandy, which has a sharper edge than the bartlett and appeals to whiskey drinkers in particular.


Cocktails Using Oregon Pear Brandy